Sunday, 11 August 2013

DIY Shorts!

Okay, so I think we've all noticed that shop-bought shorts can be a little too pricey nowadays. But what can we so instead? Well, one of the great things about summer clothes is that you can make them out of old winter that won't fit next year!

I made two pairs of shorts out of two pairs of jeans. One pair is 'distressed cut off' style an the other is 'fold-over' style. They're really simple and easy to do!

Fold-over style;
What you need:
-an old pair of jeans.
-glue (optional).

Step 1
*Do not use good jeans which still fit perfect, if they fit mor at the top than the bottom that's great! But otherwise just use an old unimportant pair*

 Measure out where you want to cut the jeans, make sure this is longer than where you want them to go to because they will be folded up.

(I forgot to take pictures whilst I was actually making them so this is me pretending to on a different pair of jeans!)

Step 2
Fold them in half and cut along where you measured.

 Step 3 
Once you've cut your jeans they should look something like this! 

Step 4
Now all you need to do is fold over the end of your shorts once...
...and then once again...
!!! This is what your shorts should look like, you can change the length as much as you would like and any alterations you think are neccesary!!! 

Optional Step
If you think your folds might undo as you walk (mine have been fine!) place glue under the folds and then your shorts are ready to wear!!!

Distressed Cut off style;
What you need:
Tweezers/clippers/distressing tools

Step 1
Repeat step 1,2 and 3 from the first tutorial until your shorts look like this:
(You can keep them shorter this time as they won't need folding over) 

Step 2
Time for the distressing...
Take the tweezers and pull at the end of the shorts like so:
You can also make holes with the scissors:
And pull at the rest of the shorts with the clippers or tweezers.
Carry on until your happy with the shorts :)
Here are mine:
(Unfortunately I cut mine abit short and uneven so make sure you measure properly)

Good luck!