Sunday, 11 January 2015

Merry Christmas(festive photos included)

Hello all, longtime no see! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got to spend it with your loved one, and got a visit off Santa too if you're lucky!

It's a little bit late for any ideas but here's some pictures for us all to reminisce a little:

Christmas lights on the high street.
Local Christmas lights turn on with a little fairground.
Christmas market stalls on a shopping trip to Chester.

Som homemade stocking me and my sister made back in November at a little sewing class(I made the one on the left) for my two nieces.

A huge Christmas sack made by my talented sister.

Some photos from our trip to see Santa, he was very nice and promised to get the girls princess dresses if they'd been good.

Me and my friends at the local church's crib service on Christmas Eve.

The girls again on Christmas Eve opening  a special box with new matching pyjamas and a plate to put Santa's food.

Later on showcasing the onesies together with Caggie impersonating a fish!

Christmas morning included the traces of Santa's visit(not at my house) and lots of presents.

Boxing Day was a lazy morning and then an attempting at shopping in the sales in the afternoon.

Thanks for reading