Thursday, 19 December 2013

Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

Hello! So, if your remember in my 'Christmassy Wintery To-Do List'  I said I wanted to try a Starbucks/Costa Christmas drink? Well, I tried the peppermint hot chocolate and it is to dieee for! Here's a pic from when I was there(yes I know, typical picture...):
 But anyways, I don't live close to a Starbucks and don't intend to spend lots of money on a simple cup of hot chocolate(as much as I'd like to) so I decided to make my own. Here's how to do it...

You need:
-A cup of hot chocolate already made
-A candy cane....and that's it!
 I start off by cut up(or snapping) the candy cane and then I like to keep the hook part to add on the side and eat separately. 
Next you just drop them into your hot chocolate and maybe give it a bit of a stir.
Personally, I think this just looks like the cutest thing ever, 
but you don't have to do it if you just want it as it is.
You may be thinking that I went a little over the top on the toppings...but this is normal for me:) 
The peppermint flavour of the can really melts in and it tastes almost as good too! I shared the recipe with my sister who had the me to you mug :) 

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My festive weekend

Yes it's Tueday, but heres a sneak peak into what I did on the weekend!

Baked ginger bread cookies
Watched the snowman and the snowdog

Decorated the tree

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Confessions of a first haul!

My names Emily and I'm a shopaholic. So today I'm writing my first ever hauuuullll...yay! Lets just say, I hadn't been shopping for a long time and I was pretty excited about getting everyone's presents so I maybe got a little over excited..

Before we get in to this let me just promise that I'm not in any way trying to show off or brag, that I don't get paid to do this and that everything was bought with my own money.

Selfridges. Okay, so when someone told me there's a Primark in the Selfridges where I was going I was pretty excited. But, I did expect it to be more than pyjamas and onesies(as much as I love them) so I guess you could say I was pretty disappointed when in a massive shop I could only find pyjamas in the Primark section. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist these super cute pjs and fluffy socks.
Both;£5 each. Primark at Selfridges.
I love the patterns on these shorts...but I did have one problem with these. In the shop, the extra small looked tiny so I went for small even though it said they're 10/12 which I'm not. But I soon realised they're too big. Oh well, there super comfy now!
The only differences I can find other than the patterns and colours are that the red top has a bit of a pattern on it that the grey doesn't. Also the ribbon on the checked pair doesn't tighten them but the other one's does.

£4, Primark at Selfridges.
Second up! I got these super duper cozy wozy bed socks. Don't they just make you think of Christmas?

They're not just bed socks, they're fluffy bed socks! 

Body butter; £6.50(special price).
As I looked round body shop at the body butters I was mesmerised by the packaging of the ginger bread one. But, after smelling it I decided to opt for this Honey one.

It smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.

  Over at H&M I finally started on my Christmas shopping.

T-shirt; £7.99
First of all I got this oversized tee which I couldn't really decide whether to get, but I got it. Seriously, it's MASSIVE but it's another comfy one and I love it.
Children's pyjamas;£5.99 each.
I also got these ickle pyjamas for my nieces to wear on Christmas eve. There so cute and can't wait to give them them.

Mini chocolate boxes; £1 each.

I managed to get half my friends prezzies in Superdrug but, just in case they read this I won't show them. But, how cute are these little chocolate boxes?

Story time, here it comessss! To try putting it short, whenever I even step near the Lush that's where I usually go shopping I get a headache as it's small,cramped and usually pretty busy. But, whenever I get Lush products off other people I LOVE them!! So, I managed to push myself into a different Lush store where I dipped into a couple of things.

Melting snowman bath melt; unknown.(sorry)

The first thing I got was this melting snowman man bath melt and I can't really comment on how good it is yet but it looks good and I'm looking forward to using it,

Penguin bubble bar; unknown(sorry).
The next thing I got was this penguin bubble bar and to be completely honest I forgot what it was when I used it. So, if you're looking for a good exfoliator it works for that too! 

Lush is really good for presents as well because the bags have a little'to and from' bit on one side.

At River Island I was frantic looking for this grey Christmas t-shirt which I'd seen online. But it had been taken off the website so I was desperate to find it. Once I did though, I could not find a single size 8(or  6!) until I found this one which had no tag on it saying the size. I'm still not really sure what size this is as it's oversized and is pretty big anyway but it fits comfy. I won't show you properly but I'll hopefully do an OOTD with this included pretty soon.

I may of slightly kind of maybe just a bit needed a new mascara pretty urgently! I dont know what it is with mascaras but I always manage to either lose them or they'll go all sticky. So I popped into Boots to get some extras of things which are running out and I'm pretty impressed with all the things i bought.

Maybeline the colossal volume express;£7.99
This is the mascara I got this time, but to be honest I always get a different one as I'm never really happy with them but this is different.
I love the round brush as the curve makes it easy to get on your lashes without almost getting it on your eyelids and as for use it really spreads them out but without looking all clumped and yucky!

Maybeling Dream Lumi Touch; £6.99.
As for this concealer it's one of the best I've used personally. But, it did take me a while to realise you twisted the end to get it to come out the brush(that's probably 'cause I usually get stick concealers). Also, the writing seams to have worn off really easily considering I''ve had it since Saturday and it hasn't really been anywhere.

Maybeline Baby Lips; £2.99.
 There was a three for one offer on all Maybeline products so I decided to get my first Baby Lips and I can't say I'm disappointed because it's AMAZING. I never really got onto the hype about them but they leave your lips sooo soft and even though I went for the plain one, it smells really nice too.
S&G Hand maid hand sanitiser ; £2.50
Yes, I am in love with 'soap and glory'. I have to have this hand sanitiser with me all the time, not even to keep clean but it makes your hands smell great. I think it has watermelon in it but you will literally want to eat your hands after using it.

Beanie; £7.50
Mad hatter? Or non hatter? Either way I'm loving my new beanie which says "Bad Hair Day..". I'm not really sure if I suit it but I think it's cute and it keeps my ears warm(pure fashion reasons).
CAAAKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at these beautiful cupcakes I came upon in Selfridges food hall! I decided to treat myself to the oreo one and it was delicious.
Fancy a macaroon miss? I couldn't help but try one of the Christmas tree ones but as I soon found out, I'm sad to say I don't like macaroons. Yes, I know it sounds weird but they look so cute that I just wish that I did haha.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmassy Wintery December To-Do List

First of all let me start off by sincerely apologising for the lack of posts lately :( I can't believe I haven't posted for a whole month!!! But don't worry, there'll be plenty of Christmas posts coming to make up for that :D

Today's post is a sum up of all the things I'm hoping to cram into this month. Yes, they're festive. Yes, they're cheesy...but who cares???

1.Countdown to Christmas

2. Watch some Christmas films

3. Drink hot chocolate and let the marshmallows melt

4. Sing some festive songs

5. Get the hot water bottle out

6. Decorate the Christmas tree

7. Wear cozy sweaters

8. Tour the local Christmas lights

9.  Go to Santas grotto

10. Bake Christmas treats

11. Watch a nativity

12. Go late night Christmas shopping

13. Paint my nails Christmassy

14. Try a starbucks/costa Christmas drink

15. Countdown to 2014

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll be able to share all that I do end up doing with you guys (:

p.s I do not in any way own the images used in this post