Friday, 26 July 2013

OOTD!- Summer Playsuit!

Today I'm wearing a floral playsuit with a ruffle round the top and buttons to the top. It's really loose so great for days which are abit warmer! I got it in Matalan for £10 but when I found it I wasn't quite sure but I soon changed my mind after trying it on. 

I know this isn't much of an 'outfit of the day' seen as its just one piece but I just really wanted to write about it because its so comfy and really summery! 

It's really good in the holidays if you're going swimming or to the beach because you can just slip it off if you've got a swimming costume underneath. It's also really good if you can't really be bothered to pick out a full outfit in the morning(ie everyday!) 

I would definitely recommend getting this as I loveeee it and I have literally been living in it and I really want to go to Primark or somewhere to get more playsuits for summer!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer Holiday Try-Tos!

This summer I though I'd set myself a few challenges to do with beauty, fashion and just general health and lifestyle challenges!

1. Go two weeks without wearing makeup.
;recently a few more spots have started showing up :( I'm not sure if not wearing makeup does help get rid but many magazines and beauty experts sseem to believe so! I'm going to try not wearing any for two weeks ATLEAST, but if I can go longer I WILL be trying. I quite often try going bare but then I'll just put some on to go out and I'll end up getting back into a habit and wrecking my skin.

2. Go two weeks without using heat on my hair.
;seen as using heat(straighteners, curlers...) does stop your hair from growing properley and can damage your hair severely when used regularly I have decided I am going to try go as long as I can without using heat! Unfortunately, I'm very weak when it comes to bad hair days and tend to go for dry shampoo followed by straightening and then up in a ponytail with a bow or some ribbon. Naturally, my hair is curly/wavy and ever since I was younger I longed to straighten my hair as did my sister(because of her influence or that my mum wouldn't allow me to I'm not quite sure!) About three years ago I decided to cut my long hair off and get a bob(why oh why?) having natural waves the shorter my hair is the bigger the waves become, making me look like a clown when my hair is just chin length! Even though my hairdresser did warn me that cutting my hair would do this and the obvious solution would be to straighten it, I just looked at it as an exscuse to finally straighten it. After just abit longer than a year I was bored of not having any hairstyles to do and having to straighten my hair almost every morning. Since then I have been growing it out and have realised how damaged it is compared to how it used to be and that it actually seems to grow slower :( I've been trying not to straighten it as much but I do love how longer it seems when straight!

3. Ride my bike atleast twice a week.
; it's finally Summer and I've taken my bike out of our (messy)garage! Me and my Mum have started going on regular bike rides with each other along a near by cycle path near where we live. I find cycling really fun and it can help keep you fit and healthy. Although, a week ago I actually picked up a KFC Krushem whilst I was on a bike ride kind of reversing the whole healthy side of it (oh well!).

4. Invest in a pair of comfy summer shoes.
; I seem to have grown out of all of my good sandals and light shoes ._. so I'm looking for a good pair that will last long and look nice too :)

5. Try not to waste money on high end clothing.
; as many others, I can't resist splurging out on expensive items of clothigng from name brands such as Jack Wills, Hollister and more..... Unfortunately, not having that much money means after not being able to resist a fleecy hoodie or summer dress I end up without alot of money left to get other nessecarities needed! So from now onwards I am tring to only spend on good value clothes but still keeping up with new trends and ateempting to start new ones!