Wednesday, 21 August 2013

1D Premiere- The Boys, The Girls and the, Bride?

Yay! Yay! Yay!

As you probably now, last night was the premiere of One Direction's brand new film, 'This Is Us'! I'm not an obsessive Directioner but I do love the songs and most of them.

Thousands of fans lined up just to get a sneak peak and maybe a picture with the boys(well, I can't say I wouldn't of if I'd had the chance!). Many slept over the night before just to make sure they got the space and I'm sure I could here them screaming miles away.

So seen as I couldn't be there, I thought I'd have a look at what everyone was wearing.

...The Boys!
It looks like they've matched up their outfits to 'black and white'ish. Niall seems to of gone for a slightly more casual look than the others with a baseball jacket, but who cares he's perfect right?
A lot less matching but the boys all go for jeans and Dougie and Harry team theirs with a leather jacket. Tom's wearing double denim but it doesn't seem to matter as he rocks the Harry Potter glasses ;) .

...The Girls!
Little Mix
Leigh Anne wears trousers and a strapless top which is rather daring however I think she definitely pulled it off and adds gold accessories and red lipstick to the look. My favourite, Jade has on an LBD and a slightly oversized gold blazer this is really cute and I love the shoes she's wearing too. Perrie has on a dress with a skin tone top and black skirt, I really like the embellishment on the top half but something else has caught m engagement ring? Her and Zayn have been together for quite some time, is this just an accessory or is it a sign of wedding? But on another note where is Jesy?

Laura Whitmore
Irish presenter Laura Whitmore was wearing a leather zip mini skirt, a white vest top and blazer jacket thing. She also wore black peep toe shoes a red clutch bag. I really like this look but I don't quite understand why people aren't using there sleeves these days?

 Amelia Lily
Ex X Factor contestant Amelia Lily wore a black dress which personally I don't think does her any favours. As much as I love the singer I really just aren't impressed by this dress(sorry!) It widens out by her hips which I know a lot of people like but in my opinion  I just think a flowyer dress would of suited her more.

Rochelle Humes
Rochelle wore a dress with a very pretty pattern. It reminds of a sort of Japanese style which I think definitely suits her. She matches it with a red shoulder bag and red lipstick. Overall, I really I love this outfit and with baby Alaia she must be a busy Mummy.

...The Bride?
I was very confused when this came up, I don't actually know who this was or why they were dressed like this but ummmm I guess she 's a bit overdressed? I thought maybe she was just passing but she is on the red carpet so I wonder what exactly she was doing haha! If you know comment below! :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these photos and all opinions are mine.

P.S. this was inspired  by Anna at http:/  :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wedges or Heels?

My first ever post on a blog(yay!). Today I'm going to talk about a question that comes into lots of people's minds in summertime (and all year round really). ..............
Heels         or            Wedges?
Personally I find wedges much more comfier than heels when it comes to a summer shoe to wear at a garden party or bbq outside.But, they can look abit too casual and out of place at a family meal, party or night out.

As a child, I think we all admired the stiletto heels we sore our mums, favourite pop stars and even our barbie dolls wearing. Even Cheryl Cole has admitted that there's something about wearing heels which makes you feel like a lady( read it in a magazine). All this aside, when it comes to everyday life not many of us are prepared to walk around on our feet all day in six inch heels which make our feet look ugly and unloved by the time we fall asleep.  

So the answer is to wear comfy flats or trainers right? Nope! Tall or short, well actually more if your short(like me!) there is a huge desire to be taller, see over people's heads and not have to tip-toe or jump to see you favourite band in concert after paying for your ticket and waiting months to go to.  

Sure, in normal days a pair of comfy vans or converse or sandals and flip-flops in the warmer months are fine and the lack of height doesn't bother most. Either-way,at party's, shopping with friends or having a family-get-together it's not fun to tip-toe in pictures so you seem average height. 

The answers simple really. Wear heels or wedges! But the answer to that is much harder. I mean which one? 

Wedges: the comfy, easy to balance, summery all-round good shoe. 

Or heels: the grown-up, barbie-doll shoe which makes your feet ache. 

In my opinion, definitely wedges(simply for comfort) but wearing bohemian style summer shoes with tights and an LBD to a movie premier(I wish) or just an evening meal can look pretty strange and I assure you you'll receive a few weird looks off your fans(okay okay friends,family members and strangers).

After all this you must have a lot to think about if you have problems with being small or not as tall as you'd like to be( though there's nothing wrong with being smaller) flats and trainers are still perfectly fine and I'd recommend both more than anything else I think.

And as it relates so much to this post here is some pictures of my new wedges which I will be wearing to my nieces christening.

Fishtail Braids With A Twist

Fist of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE these plaits(or 'braids')!

If you don't know what a fishtail is, it's a braid where only two pieces are used(instead of the average three). I had a look on Google Images at a LOAD of different, fascinating, exciting twists on the fishtail. So, I'm gonna show you some which I've picked out!

Numberrr 1
I can't actually remember what this girl's name is but, as you can tell there are pieces of green and blue ribbon running through the braid which make it look really different and lovely.

Numberrr 2
At number 2 Vanessa Hudgens has her hair in a lovely long fishtail, I don't quite know why but I just thought this looked really really pretty and I love the way she adds a flower bobble(or clip) at the end. Her look is so so simple but still, really really pretty. She also teams with this look long bangely earrings which go with her kind of boho vibe!

Numberrr 3 basically she has two braids(looking at it bigger I don't think it is a fishtail,oops!) down the sides of her head starting off as a French plait and then ending up as a normal one. It doesn't sound too exciting but she just wears it so well(again, I have no idea who she is) I think because it's so messy and kind of loosened it just looks so dressed up but also casual(if it can be!). This person also has VERY smoked purple eye shadow(and face shadow?) as you've probably noticed but I saw she also has slightly lilac lips to match. Obeying the 'don't jazz lips and eyes' but instead, jazzing up the eyes and hair. Overall, I really love this look and it reminds me of a fairy(I don't know why though).

Numberrr 4
Again, I have now realised that this isn't a fishtail braid. Although, I still really like it! So what this is is just a French plait across the back of her head but only adding from the top half of the head. It's really simple and pretty and I think it''s perfect for 'back-to-school'!

Numberrr 5
*drummmm roooollll* Katniss Evergreen!!! Anyone else thinking she(well, The Hunger Games) may of started all this? Me thinks so too :) I won't even start going on about her perfectness as I know I won't stop! But I'm sure you're all aware :)

Numberrr 6
This is just so so soooo beautiful, out of all the looks this is MY favourite! I LOVE the roses she has in her hair and I really want to try and recreate this look(possible post maybe?) Her hair seems wavy from the top and her make up also looks so beautiful! Again, I'm not sure why but this makes me imagine an angel!

Numberrr 7
This look is super duper cute and all this person had to do was put a bow at the top(bows before bros! ;) ) I won't ramble on but this is just so lovely!

Numberrr 8
This one is very different. I think it looks kind of hipster(meh) but its also very feminine. It goes from pink to rainbow dyed hair, I like this but I dread to think what it looks like down(sorry!) what do you think?

Numberrr 9
Last but not least, ombre! This is just someone with ombre(/dip dyed) hair who's put it in a fishtail. But, I just thought I'd put it out there that I'm obsessed with ombre hair :) I have dark hair so I would be able to ombre it blonde. But, I just want to wait until it's longer to dip dye it or anything!

If you're still reading, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures and do not intend to copyright and all opinions are mine.

P.S I don't know why I kept writing 'numberrr' I was in a weird mood haha!

Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY Painted Key Necklace

Anyone else always loose they're key? 🙋 I finally decided (once I found mine!) that I'd do something to stop that. Inspired by Zoey 101 of course, I've put mine on a necklace so I'll alway have it(jazzing it up first of course ;) ). So I thought I'd tell everyone how to do it!

What you'll need:
•Your key.
•Nail polish.
•A necklace chain.
•A bobby pin(depending on your pattern).

Step 1

First of all you'll need to paint your key in your favourite colour!(mine is yellow!).

Leave it to dry and then choose a colour for your pattern( if you want one).

Step 2
To make a spotty pattern, dip your bobby pin in the pattern colour(or brush it on) and tap it onto the key until its how you want it!

Step 3
Once it's completely dry paint the other side how you want. You can do the same  both side but I chose to do it all pink  instead!

Step 4
Once it's all dry put it on to your chain to turn it into a necklace (or you can keep it as it is).

Now you can where it!!

Nail polishes used: viva pink&lemon sugar (both Avon).

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Disco Pants: Love or Hate?!?!

Okay, so I thought I'd write about disco pants, I'm aware that many people DON'T like these, and that many people LOVE them. Oh, and of course many people don't even care (*go with the flow*) .Whatever your opinion I just thought I'd tell you about(whether you know or don't)them, where they came from, and what I think of them ( you'll have to wait 'till the end : P  hehe).

'Birth' of the Disco Pants
Although not very commonly known, according to fashion experts disco pants were first seen in the late 1960's in San Francisco.

Where We've Seen Them
Now think back, before the outburst of them in this decade where have we seen them before? GREASE! If you haven't already caught on, I don't mean the country I'm talking about the film/musical/legend. Now Sandy(Olivia Newton-John) is pretty famous for her skin tight leather(or leather look, I'm not quite sure to be honest) trousers that she wore in the film and looking back through all the amazing decades of fashion, beauty and everything else that me and everyone my age didn't live through ( *pause for sad moment* * randomly cheers up*) I don't think anyone else is particularly known for them. Of course, even in the early 1900's it was frowned upon to even show your ankles as a woman, so skin tight trousers weren't really an option as a fashion statement, dya think? Back into the 60's/70's I'm sure we can imagine 70's and 80's people(or YOU  if you were one) i.e., the disco era) wearing skin tight, shiny pants! They came into fashion late 70's/ early 80's and then I guess they just disappeared along with the neon tutus and tank tops.

What Are They?
Disco pants are tight-fitted trousers mind out of spandex, polyester, Lycra etc. They often include two back pockets, a front zip or a button at the front(or all). They were made like this in the disco era as they could cling to the body and reflect the light whilst people were dancing.

Fashion News
These trousers have recently popped out of no where(well, I guess someone started wearing them first) and suddenly everyone seems to be wearing them! I noticed Jessie J wore a gold pair with leopard print on The Voice in one of the series.

My Opinion/Views
Just to bring up bloggers, Zoella or Zoe, has worn them for quite a while. After seeing hers, I really liked the idea of strechy, trousers, leggingsy type pants(<-don't like that word for some reason). I had already seen them before of course but didn't really like the ones which were just shiny leggings(though they still look great on other people) I preferred the idea of shiny leggings with a button, a zip, some pockets and just thought they'd be great as comfy jeans/leggings which weren't either and weren't jeggings. I looked online at Topshop as I think that's where Zoe's are from(she has some from American Apparel I think too) and I honestly just really liked them (ps check out her blog and YouTube channel, they're both great). But at £30 I didn't want to pay that much for something I wasn't sure whether I'd  be wearing or not! So if you're anything like me you'll know just how happy I was when I noticed them in the sale at half price(yay!)

I started wearing them and I cant explain how much I love them they're just so comfy and mine are black so they pretty much go with everything, I would recommend these to anyone as they are just so amazing to wear and the first time I wore them I couldn't stop wondering how they were so so so soft to touch.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these pictures and all opinions are mine.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

DIY Shorts!

Okay, so I think we've all noticed that shop-bought shorts can be a little too pricey nowadays. But what can we so instead? Well, one of the great things about summer clothes is that you can make them out of old winter that won't fit next year!

I made two pairs of shorts out of two pairs of jeans. One pair is 'distressed cut off' style an the other is 'fold-over' style. They're really simple and easy to do!

Fold-over style;
What you need:
-an old pair of jeans.
-glue (optional).

Step 1
*Do not use good jeans which still fit perfect, if they fit mor at the top than the bottom that's great! But otherwise just use an old unimportant pair*

 Measure out where you want to cut the jeans, make sure this is longer than where you want them to go to because they will be folded up.

(I forgot to take pictures whilst I was actually making them so this is me pretending to on a different pair of jeans!)

Step 2
Fold them in half and cut along where you measured.

 Step 3 
Once you've cut your jeans they should look something like this! 

Step 4
Now all you need to do is fold over the end of your shorts once...
...and then once again...
!!! This is what your shorts should look like, you can change the length as much as you would like and any alterations you think are neccesary!!! 

Optional Step
If you think your folds might undo as you walk (mine have been fine!) place glue under the folds and then your shorts are ready to wear!!!

Distressed Cut off style;
What you need:
Tweezers/clippers/distressing tools

Step 1
Repeat step 1,2 and 3 from the first tutorial until your shorts look like this:
(You can keep them shorter this time as they won't need folding over) 

Step 2
Time for the distressing...
Take the tweezers and pull at the end of the shorts like so:
You can also make holes with the scissors:
And pull at the rest of the shorts with the clippers or tweezers.
Carry on until your happy with the shorts :)
Here are mine:
(Unfortunately I cut mine abit short and uneven so make sure you measure properly)

Good luck!