Thursday, 2 April 2015

Style Crush: Lily Collins

Hello everyone,
Today I'm going to be expressing my admiration for the style of Lily Collins. This isn't something I have done before but after watching a few films she is in and then researching her I have come to adore her style(oh, and also her eyebrows!).

Casual: this look I've chosen is probably the least dressy of them all but I love the bohemian feel with this look and how put together it feels.

This next look is also very casual but I love how she manages to look so pretty so simply with the bow in her hair and oversized handbag.

Floral: Here, she is wearing quite an, again, simple look but by wearing the floral kimono and heels she manages to look dressy.

Fancy: this look she is still wearing her staple jeans, but pairs them with a blazer, printed bag and heels which makes the outfit look more formal.

Pretty: ahhh, this one is so cute, I love the skirt she's wearing which gives pop to the rest of the , otherwise all black, outfit and the jacket which sort-of hardens it up a little.

Lace: this outfit, as with the rest, is very simple with barely any accessories but the lace on the plain white dress ties it together.

Red and black: wow, this outfit is very bold. I love how she again wears and all black outfit with a pop of colour, which I think makes the red even more striking.

Audrey: Saved the best 'till last? This outfit is definitely my favorite! The black and white cape coat with heels brings so much class to the look and the red bag and lipstick just pair up so nicely. I'm definitely feeling some Audrey Hepburn vibes here too...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used in this post and do not claim to, I found them all on Google images.

Thanks for reading,

P.S which look was your favorite?(tell me in the comments!)