Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spookbook #4:My Halloween Preparations

As it's Halloween eve, I thought I'd show you all my decorations and maybe give you a little inspiration whether you're having a party or just decorating your house.

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Have a spooky Halloween,

Spookbook #3: Spooky Halloween Nails

No plans for Halloween? Want some extra jazz to your costume? Keep reading and I'll show you how to create these splattered blood nails.

You're going to need a red, black and a white nail polish, some tape, a tooth brush and something to mix on. Cotton wool pads and nail polish remover will probably be necessary too.

Start off by painting your nails pure white, mine had a glimmer of pink in it so admittedly not as scary!
Next, put tape around your finger nails and as I soon found out needed, on your fingers. I used nurse tape from the first aid box as I think it sticks better to skin than selotape.
Here's the messy part! Pour some nail polish onto something like a paper plate. You don't need to, but I added nail polish remover onto it to make it waterier. Only do one colour at a time because the other will dry up as your using the first one.
Now you can go crazy with the toothbrush flicking it onto your nails(where I found out I needed tape all over my fingers!) Don't let the paint go too far into the brushes as it won't flick as easy.

Carry on doing this until you're happy with how they look. Then remove the tape.

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I hope you enjoy Halloween.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spookbook #2: Last minute Cat costume

Seen as Halloween is edging its way nearer, I thought I'd show you a costume you can get together in less than ten minutes, maybe. I know how boring a cat costume can be, but I've tried to change up the makeup a bit to make it more than some whiskers and ear, yet still easy. This will hopefully help you out if you find yourself getting invited to party a bit last minute or decide to go trick or treating unprepared. First you're going to need a black outfit of some kind, this is fun 'cause you can choose whatever you want. I went for a black dress with a sparkly belt and collar.

For the makeup, which will hopefully  make you look like a cat. I started off by drawing a triangle on my nose, I then carried a line down from the centre to my lips. I lined my lips and then added a few vertical lines on my lip. Next, I dotted above my mouth and don't worry about this bit 'cause you can just go crazy. I drew whiskers on my cheeks and then lined my eyes making two kind of triangles from the corner(I don't know why). I did a flick on my eyeliner and then drew dots going up from the sides(again, I don't really know why I did this but I think it leaves a good effect). As for ears, I don't have any so didn't bother. You don't really need to have any especially if you're in a rush. But, I do think they would be a cute touch.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Spookbook #1: Broken Doll

Today I'm going to show you how to transform into a broken doll, for Halloween.
You're going to need your normal make up(with a lighter foundation if you've got, or white facepaint), eyeliner or black facepaint, red or pink lipstick, mascara and an old doll-like dress.

*REMEMBER to put your outfit on first so the make up and facepaint doesn't smudge*

First, take the foundation your using and put it on like you usually would. Try to get it as smooth as possible to create a doll-like effect. I like liquid ones because I think they glide easier across your skin. Then put on eyeliner(this parts optional) and mascara using the mascara to open your eyes up. Apply a rosey blush to your cheeks, trying to be as over the top as possible( or go for a run till your out of breath!) Put on the lipstick or gloss, and you can even use facepaint for this too if you want. Then, using the eyeliner go around your lips outlining the edges to create a cartoon look. From here onwards I just went crazy and you can do whatever you like. I drew two lines dripping from my lips and then a stitch across one side of my face. Using zig-zags and uneven edges makes it look like you've been dropped on the floor(as a doll). I did breaks under my left eye, right cheek and forehead.

I added a stitch mark along my neck as well to look like a bit of a hand-me-down kind of toy. You could even add a tatty-teddy kind of patch to your dress or outfit if you want that look, and back comb your hair(maybe leave that             'till the day though).

Even though it's Halloween, don't be afraid to add the odd hair accessory or two! I wore this black flower which seems to have a pink thread attached to it(oops!). 

For the outfit, I put on a mint green and pink floral dress with black tights as I thought it looked slightly old fashioneD(ps, I know its short, it really is old) you can wear whatever you like and customise it how you want. Maybe fraying the edges would look good too!

I really like this look because its girly yet still spooky enough for Halloween at the same time. I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below what you're being for Halloween!

Thanks for reading xo