Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spookbook #3: Spooky Halloween Nails

No plans for Halloween? Want some extra jazz to your costume? Keep reading and I'll show you how to create these splattered blood nails.

You're going to need a red, black and a white nail polish, some tape, a tooth brush and something to mix on. Cotton wool pads and nail polish remover will probably be necessary too.

Start off by painting your nails pure white, mine had a glimmer of pink in it so admittedly not as scary!
Next, put tape around your finger nails and as I soon found out needed, on your fingers. I used nurse tape from the first aid box as I think it sticks better to skin than selotape.
Here's the messy part! Pour some nail polish onto something like a paper plate. You don't need to, but I added nail polish remover onto it to make it waterier. Only do one colour at a time because the other will dry up as your using the first one.
Now you can go crazy with the toothbrush flicking it onto your nails(where I found out I needed tape all over my fingers!) Don't let the paint go too far into the brushes as it won't flick as easy.

Carry on doing this until you're happy with how they look. Then remove the tape.

Thanks for reading,
I hope you enjoy Halloween.