Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spookbook #2: Last minute Cat costume

Seen as Halloween is edging its way nearer, I thought I'd show you a costume you can get together in less than ten minutes, maybe. I know how boring a cat costume can be, but I've tried to change up the makeup a bit to make it more than some whiskers and ear, yet still easy. This will hopefully help you out if you find yourself getting invited to party a bit last minute or decide to go trick or treating unprepared. First you're going to need a black outfit of some kind, this is fun 'cause you can choose whatever you want. I went for a black dress with a sparkly belt and collar.

For the makeup, which will hopefully  make you look like a cat. I started off by drawing a triangle on my nose, I then carried a line down from the centre to my lips. I lined my lips and then added a few vertical lines on my lip. Next, I dotted above my mouth and don't worry about this bit 'cause you can just go crazy. I drew whiskers on my cheeks and then lined my eyes making two kind of triangles from the corner(I don't know why). I did a flick on my eyeliner and then drew dots going up from the sides(again, I don't really know why I did this but I think it leaves a good effect). As for ears, I don't have any so didn't bother. You don't really need to have any especially if you're in a rush. But, I do think they would be a cute touch.

Thanks for reading,