Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY Painted Key Necklace

Anyone else always loose they're key? 🙋 I finally decided (once I found mine!) that I'd do something to stop that. Inspired by Zoey 101 of course, I've put mine on a necklace so I'll alway have it(jazzing it up first of course ;) ). So I thought I'd tell everyone how to do it!

What you'll need:
•Your key.
•Nail polish.
•A necklace chain.
•A bobby pin(depending on your pattern).

Step 1

First of all you'll need to paint your key in your favourite colour!(mine is yellow!).

Leave it to dry and then choose a colour for your pattern( if you want one).

Step 2
To make a spotty pattern, dip your bobby pin in the pattern colour(or brush it on) and tap it onto the key until its how you want it!

Step 3
Once it's completely dry paint the other side how you want. You can do the same  both side but I chose to do it all pink  instead!

Step 4
Once it's all dry put it on to your chain to turn it into a necklace (or you can keep it as it is).

Now you can where it!!

Nail polishes used: viva pink&lemon sugar (both Avon).