Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Disco Pants: Love or Hate?!?!

Okay, so I thought I'd write about disco pants, I'm aware that many people DON'T like these, and that many people LOVE them. Oh, and of course many people don't even care (*go with the flow*) .Whatever your opinion I just thought I'd tell you about(whether you know or don't)them, where they came from, and what I think of them ( you'll have to wait 'till the end : P  hehe).

'Birth' of the Disco Pants
Although not very commonly known, according to fashion experts disco pants were first seen in the late 1960's in San Francisco.

Where We've Seen Them
Now think back, before the outburst of them in this decade where have we seen them before? GREASE! If you haven't already caught on, I don't mean the country I'm talking about the film/musical/legend. Now Sandy(Olivia Newton-John) is pretty famous for her skin tight leather(or leather look, I'm not quite sure to be honest) trousers that she wore in the film and looking back through all the amazing decades of fashion, beauty and everything else that me and everyone my age didn't live through ( *pause for sad moment* * randomly cheers up*) I don't think anyone else is particularly known for them. Of course, even in the early 1900's it was frowned upon to even show your ankles as a woman, so skin tight trousers weren't really an option as a fashion statement, dya think? Back into the 60's/70's I'm sure we can imagine 70's and 80's people(or YOU  if you were one) i.e., the disco era) wearing skin tight, shiny pants! They came into fashion late 70's/ early 80's and then I guess they just disappeared along with the neon tutus and tank tops.

What Are They?
Disco pants are tight-fitted trousers mind out of spandex, polyester, Lycra etc. They often include two back pockets, a front zip or a button at the front(or all). They were made like this in the disco era as they could cling to the body and reflect the light whilst people were dancing.

Fashion News
These trousers have recently popped out of no where(well, I guess someone started wearing them first) and suddenly everyone seems to be wearing them! I noticed Jessie J wore a gold pair with leopard print on The Voice in one of the series.

My Opinion/Views
Just to bring up bloggers, Zoella or Zoe, has worn them for quite a while. After seeing hers, I really liked the idea of strechy, trousers, leggingsy type pants(<-don't like that word for some reason). I had already seen them before of course but didn't really like the ones which were just shiny leggings(though they still look great on other people) I preferred the idea of shiny leggings with a button, a zip, some pockets and just thought they'd be great as comfy jeans/leggings which weren't either and weren't jeggings. I looked online at Topshop as I think that's where Zoe's are from(she has some from American Apparel I think too) and I honestly just really liked them (ps check out her blog and YouTube channel, they're both great). But at £30 I didn't want to pay that much for something I wasn't sure whether I'd  be wearing or not! So if you're anything like me you'll know just how happy I was when I noticed them in the sale at half price(yay!)

I started wearing them and I cant explain how much I love them they're just so comfy and mine are black so they pretty much go with everything, I would recommend these to anyone as they are just so amazing to wear and the first time I wore them I couldn't stop wondering how they were so so so soft to touch.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these pictures and all opinions are mine.