Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wedges or Heels?

My first ever post on a blog(yay!). Today I'm going to talk about a question that comes into lots of people's minds in summertime (and all year round really). ..............
Heels         or            Wedges?
Personally I find wedges much more comfier than heels when it comes to a summer shoe to wear at a garden party or bbq outside.But, they can look abit too casual and out of place at a family meal, party or night out.

As a child, I think we all admired the stiletto heels we sore our mums, favourite pop stars and even our barbie dolls wearing. Even Cheryl Cole has admitted that there's something about wearing heels which makes you feel like a lady( read it in a magazine). All this aside, when it comes to everyday life not many of us are prepared to walk around on our feet all day in six inch heels which make our feet look ugly and unloved by the time we fall asleep.  

So the answer is to wear comfy flats or trainers right? Nope! Tall or short, well actually more if your short(like me!) there is a huge desire to be taller, see over people's heads and not have to tip-toe or jump to see you favourite band in concert after paying for your ticket and waiting months to go to.  

Sure, in normal days a pair of comfy vans or converse or sandals and flip-flops in the warmer months are fine and the lack of height doesn't bother most. Either-way,at party's, shopping with friends or having a family-get-together it's not fun to tip-toe in pictures so you seem average height. 

The answers simple really. Wear heels or wedges! But the answer to that is much harder. I mean which one? 

Wedges: the comfy, easy to balance, summery all-round good shoe. 

Or heels: the grown-up, barbie-doll shoe which makes your feet ache. 

In my opinion, definitely wedges(simply for comfort) but wearing bohemian style summer shoes with tights and an LBD to a movie premier(I wish) or just an evening meal can look pretty strange and I assure you you'll receive a few weird looks off your fans(okay okay friends,family members and strangers).

After all this you must have a lot to think about if you have problems with being small or not as tall as you'd like to be( though there's nothing wrong with being smaller) flats and trainers are still perfectly fine and I'd recommend both more than anything else I think.

And as it relates so much to this post here is some pictures of my new wedges which I will be wearing to my nieces christening.