Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fishtail Braids With A Twist

Fist of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE these plaits(or 'braids')!

If you don't know what a fishtail is, it's a braid where only two pieces are used(instead of the average three). I had a look on Google Images at a LOAD of different, fascinating, exciting twists on the fishtail. So, I'm gonna show you some which I've picked out!

Numberrr 1
I can't actually remember what this girl's name is but, as you can tell there are pieces of green and blue ribbon running through the braid which make it look really different and lovely.

Numberrr 2
At number 2 Vanessa Hudgens has her hair in a lovely long fishtail, I don't quite know why but I just thought this looked really really pretty and I love the way she adds a flower bobble(or clip) at the end. Her look is so so simple but still, really really pretty. She also teams with this look long bangely earrings which go with her kind of boho vibe!

Numberrr 3
...so basically she has two braids(looking at it bigger I don't think it is a fishtail,oops!) down the sides of her head starting off as a French plait and then ending up as a normal one. It doesn't sound too exciting but she just wears it so well(again, I have no idea who she is) I think because it's so messy and kind of loosened it just looks so dressed up but also casual(if it can be!). This person also has VERY smoked purple eye shadow(and face shadow?) as you've probably noticed but I saw she also has slightly lilac lips to match. Obeying the 'don't jazz lips and eyes' but instead, jazzing up the eyes and hair. Overall, I really love this look and it reminds me of a fairy(I don't know why though).

Numberrr 4
Again, I have now realised that this isn't a fishtail braid. Although, I still really like it! So what this is is just a French plait across the back of her head but only adding from the top half of the head. It's really simple and pretty and I think it''s perfect for 'back-to-school'!

Numberrr 5
*drummmm roooollll* Katniss Evergreen!!! Anyone else thinking she(well, The Hunger Games) may of started all this? Me thinks so too :) I won't even start going on about her perfectness as I know I won't stop! But I'm sure you're all aware :)

Numberrr 6
This is just so so soooo beautiful, out of all the looks this is MY favourite! I LOVE the roses she has in her hair and I really want to try and recreate this look(possible post maybe?) Her hair seems wavy from the top and her make up also looks so beautiful! Again, I'm not sure why but this makes me imagine an angel!

Numberrr 7
This look is super duper cute and all this person had to do was put a bow at the top(bows before bros! ;) ) I won't ramble on but this is just so lovely!

Numberrr 8
This one is very different. I think it looks kind of hipster(meh) but its also very feminine. It goes from pink to rainbow dyed hair, I like this but I dread to think what it looks like down(sorry!) what do you think?

Numberrr 9
Last but not least, ombre! This is just someone with ombre(/dip dyed) hair who's put it in a fishtail. But, I just thought I'd put it out there that I'm obsessed with ombre hair :) I have dark hair so I would be able to ombre it blonde. But, I just want to wait until it's longer to dip dye it or anything!

If you're still reading, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures and do not intend to copyright and all opinions are mine.

P.S I don't know why I kept writing 'numberrr' I was in a weird mood haha!