Saturday, 2 August 2014

Where I've Been-Catch Up + Photography

Hello everyone! 
So up until today I hadn't posted for months and even my last posts had not been frequent at all. I feel so behind on my blog and really need to change. I know, I've said this many times before but seriously from now on all my posts will be scheduled and regular so it's not just posts coming in random dribs and drabs. The genre of my blog may be changing a little though as I'd quite like it to be more of a lifestyle/fashion blog. But, it won't just be changing straight away and I'll probably still do some reviews when I'm raving about something in particular. Instead, I'm just going to be writing what's on my mind or what I think you'd be interested in reading. 

I don't completely have a reason for why I've not been updating other than me being so unorganised and at the end of the school year I always end up doing work last minute and therefore not having much extra time to blog and such. 

But, I have been getting very interested in photography lately(well I've always been, but the interest has grown significantly after getting a new camera) so I thought I could show you some of my best shots so far as a make up from being gone so long. So here you go:

My personal favourite, a picture of a bird I found on a day out at the zoo.
Zoo again, a cute meerkat staring straight at the camera

The zoo yet again, I'm not quite sure what it is but despite it being summer I think the picture actually looks quite wintery?

Great lighting, a brown butterfly from Pili Palas(a butterfly house, and more)

Quite a quirky picture of some reflective sunglasses I found on a trip to a lake
Thanks for reading,