Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Week In Pictures: Elephants, Ice Cream and The Tardis

So, as a part of  my new and improved blog schedule I've decided to add in a post at the end of every week showing you what I've done the week. This might not carry on after the summer holidays are up though because 5 days of school every week doesn't usually leave much time for a lot of picture taking throughout each week. But, whilst it is summer I do have quite a few to show you!

Top left: Ice Cream Sundae at Table Table before paddling pool.
Top centre: Selfie with friend after sleepover.
Top right: Dalek at BBC Studios.
Middle left: ITV studios and Coronation Street.
Middle centre: The TARDIS!!!
Middle right: ITV and BBC studios in Manchester.
Bottom Left: Ice Cream selection at the zoo.
Bottom centre: Wristbands to get into Sam And Mark's Sports Showdown!
Bottom right: Two of the cutest elephants everrrrrr

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