Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rinmel London Match Perfection Foundation

So today I'm doing a review on the Rinmel London Match Perfection liquid perfection. To start off I'm just going to admit that the sole reason I bought this was that I found it in Bodycare for just £4.99 and I thought that was a great deal!(RRP is £6.99)
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I bought it in the shade 100 Ivory and it is probably the best fit shade I've ever had in a foundation! The foundation glides onto my skin really nicely and it smells amazing. The only problem you might have is that quite a lot comes out in one pump I found so be careful! This foundation has SPF 18 in it so it will be handy in the upcoming warmer months when you need some protection from the sun.

The description on the bottle says "Traceless coverage foundation with Advanced Smart-Tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light. Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow. Lasts all day." I definitely agree with the first part as it blends in great and still gives you the perfect amount of coverage to make your skin look nice and smooth. I believe the Sapphire Radiance is to brighten your face up and it does this well unlike the Wake Me Up foundation which a lot of people find to "glittery" to wear in the duller weather(though I honestly think that it is a great foundation otherwise). This one manages to give your face a natural brightened look that you could pull off whatever the weather. But, I do find that it doesn't quite last all day for me so touch-ups are needed if your concerned about that.

I like the bottle of this product as I find it looks very sleek and elegant(did I really just call I bottle elegant? hmm haha). The lid to this is made from quite a firm plastic and doesn't feel like those see-through ones which crack in half and leak all over your make-up bag. At the top of the lid it has Rinmel's signature crown logo and inside it also has grips to keep it in place(another life-saver!). The bottle is quite tall in comparison to some others I had around which I thought was interesting as all three I had in line were 30ml/ 1fl oz. Although this probably is just all to do with different shapes and widths of the bottles.

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