Monday, 1 September 2014

#TeenBlogSeries Post 2: Best Foundation and Brow Routine For Teens

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So today I'm going to tell you my foundation and brow routine and since I am a teen myself this is "For Teens". But, this can of course be done by none teens too!

Foundation Routine
As for teen skin we all know it can range from clear and spot free, to acne prone, to oily, to dry, to the odd spots and a mixture of all of these for some. So I guess I can't really give you the "Perfect Routine" as that will change for everyone, so you can change this to suit your own skin as you like.

1. First, apply moisturiser (you can use one for your skin type) before foundation as this will help make a smooth base for it. You can also use a primer as well/ instead to make it last all day for school or college but personally I find mine stays on quite well without.

Avon Care Family Cream- £?
2. Next, and you might find this weird, I like to apply concealer to any "problem areas" (acne/ spots) but not on under eye circles or places your highlighting with concealer. The reason I do this is that I feel like if you put it on afterwards it sort of makes it more obvious which is the opposite of what you're trying to do. But by doing this, it gives it sort of a double-cover.
Natural Collection Liquid Concealer @Boots- £1.99@Boots
3. After concealer, I would apply a liquid foundation all over my face and blend it in with a brush. If you have good skin or don't like to wear much makeup(you don't really need it for school) you can use a BB or CC cream instead which does the same job but isn't as heavy coverage and is better for your skin. I also don't think it matters whether you use brushes or not for foundation, it does give better coverage in my opinion but it doesn't really matter when you're just starting out and your hands are actually quite good to blend makeup in as they're usually warm.
Rinmel Match Perfection Liquid Foundation- £4.99 @ Bodycare
3. After foundation, I go back to concealer and apply it under my eyes and brow bone to highlight and sometimes on the bit next to your inner eye corners if I'm looking extra tired (know which bit I mean?).
Natural Collection Liquid Concealer @Boots- £1.99@Boots

4. Next, I would apply a translucent powder to set the makeup and make it last longer (which you will need a brush for) but again you can skip this step if you would like too.

5. Okay, so I'm not actually sure if blusher and bronzer are technically part of a 'Foundation Routine' and I'm not really sure how to describe it either. Obviously you can find cream and powder blushers and there are also different types of bronzer. But, I thought these were quite good to know where to put them both if you're unsure.
{I do not own either of these pictures}
The finished look( plus eyeliner and mascara)

Brow Routine
Okay so next up is brows, which I'm sure you've heard much about. "Make or break", "Sisters not twins" and even funnier things like "Never trust someone with bad eyebrows".

Before the routine I'll just give you four tips:
1. NEVER shave your eyebrows or pluck them all off! (They're there for a reason you know!)
2. Whilst plucking your eyebrows yourself, pluck one part of one then go to the other brow and repeat (you don't wanna be stuck with one perfect eyebrow and not remember how to do the other!).
3. If you're not confident with filling them in keep practising but it's not a big deal (it's better to have nice natural ones rather than badly drawn in ones!).
4. If you don't like the pain of plucking/ waxing you can use ice to numb the pain.

1. If you pluck your eyebrows, you could first cover hairs with concealer which matches your skin tone to see which shapes would look good before you commit to that shape. Also, if you're not comfortable with plucking your eyebrows you could just cover sgraggly bits with concealer where neeeded. You can also have them waxed or threaded by someone else, I have had mine waxed but I didn't really like how they looked and my Mum has her's threaded and they do tend to look quite nice.
My natural eyebrows

2. Whilst you are plucking you could use this guide to help you.

A- the start of your eyebrow
B- the archbrow
C- the end of your eyebrow

3. I use the 'Soap&Glory Archery Brow Tint& Precision Shaping Pencil' so I start off by filling in with the brow tint using small flicks and gradually building up.
Soap&Glory Archery- £10@Boots

4. Then I use the other side of the pen which is the 'Precision Shaping Pencil' which sort of keeps them in place.

and TA DA!

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