Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmassy Wintery December To-Do List

First of all let me start off by sincerely apologising for the lack of posts lately :( I can't believe I haven't posted for a whole month!!! But don't worry, there'll be plenty of Christmas posts coming to make up for that :D

Today's post is a sum up of all the things I'm hoping to cram into this month. Yes, they're festive. Yes, they're cheesy...but who cares???

1.Countdown to Christmas

2. Watch some Christmas films

3. Drink hot chocolate and let the marshmallows melt

4. Sing some festive songs

5. Get the hot water bottle out

6. Decorate the Christmas tree

7. Wear cozy sweaters

8. Tour the local Christmas lights

9.  Go to Santas grotto

10. Bake Christmas treats

11. Watch a nativity

12. Go late night Christmas shopping

13. Paint my nails Christmassy

14. Try a starbucks/costa Christmas drink

15. Countdown to 2014

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll be able to share all that I do end up doing with you guys (:

p.s I do not in any way own the images used in this post